MyGrain Brewing Company is committed to brewing craft beers which are intense, flavorful, and smooth with bold styles that you will never forget.

Long before MyGrain Brewing Company was even conceived, Vince was a personal trainer in Chicago, IL, and Gregory was a business owner in the suburbs, living in the city and looking for a great place to train. Based on geographical convenience and the descriptions of the personal trainers on the gym's website, Gregory chose Vince to be his personal trainer. Over lots of sweat and blood, Vince and Gregory bonded not over fitness, but one other thing in particular: their love of beer. Vince mentioned that he and his cousin were home-brewing in their spare time and that trying as many different kinds of craft beer as possible was a passion of his. Gregory then asked the fateful question, “Have you ever considered opening a brewery?” Awestruck, Vince said it's always been his dream, but he thought it'd never happen. Gregory then asked, “What if I asked you to open a brewery with me?” and Vince's short and sweet response was, “I would train you for free for the rest of your life.” The rest is history.

Not long after that encounter, we made headway into what is now MyGrain Brewing Company. We spent years figuring out the big and small details that would eventually culminate in the realization of our passions. We've visited breweries near and far, we've picked the brains of master brewers and owners alike, we've soaked up the necessary knowledge of layouts, décor, locations, and logistics, and most importantly, we've tasted lots of beer. We strive to keep our personal friendship strong through this whole process, and Vince, not yet completely selling out, still holds up his end of the deal by taking Gregory to “The Gym” as often as possible.

Looking forward to all of you.


Vince and Gregory